What is Couple Therapy?

Couples may come to therapy during times of crisis with the hope of finding therapy an environment in which they can work through the difficult time they are in. Other couples come as a preventative measure, as they desire to add tools to their relationship toolbox that can strengthen and better their relationship. Whatever the case, couple therapy is about providing couples with an opportunity to look at their relationship through a fresh lens. It is also about learning how to communicate more effectively so that old issues may be resolved and future issues may be less of a concern as the ability to talk through them is strengthened. Couple therapy is about being heard and learning to listen. It also gives each partner an opportunity to understand and be understood as we may explore various dimensions of life that play a role in the couple relationship (such as family-of-origin, health, emotions, expectations, spirituality, etc.).

Here are some of the issues and concerns couples may bring to therapy:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial concerns
  • Trust
  • Dealing with affairs
  • Power and control issues
  • Abuse (verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual)
  • Anger and resentment
  • Separation or divorce
  • Reconciliation
  • Intimacy (emotional and physical)
  • Parenting concerns or differences
  • Family of origin issues impacting current relationship
  • Affects of health changes on the relationship